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Wanna find synonyms you need? - THESAURUS.COM

15. dubna 2013 v 19:04 | Coco
Are you writing an article and you want to do it as best as you can. Is this your situation right now? Maybe you don't know all of those synonyms and - I am sorry for this expression - stupid vocabulary. You know what? Don't find it stupid or something at all! Use thesaurus.com. Post verb or word and find the best synonym! Your articles won't be boring anymore and it makes you happy even if you don't know - your teacher will maybe give you some compliments for this.
Love ya guyz, Coco.

Lately I feel just like a butterfly.

8. dubna 2013 v 17:10 | Coco
Do you know that feeling when you write something just for yourself? The letters are flowing on the paper and you suddenly see a miracle - 7 pages with no effort! I'm glad for this. You know, I tried to write a story about some fictive girl who lives in perfect world. Believe me, it was simply to write, but I saw that it is stupid! No one has perfect life! I mixed my life experiences, skills and anything I am living right now and I suddenly see - wow, Tereza, you are making a story! Go ahead! Yeah, that is my name. Not Coco. Tereza.
I will see, maybe my feelings change and I will start writing about perfect life. But you know what? I don't want it. I like life troubles even if they bother me! I think I found my favorite personage - meet LauraD 'Antonio!
I know, her name, she is Italian living in Czech. But her parents are divorced, and her father lives in Rosolina Mare. By the way this is one of my favorite places in the world. She will live here for a while. Do you think there will be no tragedy? You are wrong then! Keep waiting. ♥

Introduction│Coco's writing for strangers

6. dubna 2013 v 14:00 | Coco


As you can see I want to try something new. Me personally, I like reading in English on other blogs and also I want strangers to read my blog. So I am creating this English section. I will post some articles here - diary, news, thematic articles and so on. Maybe also reviews but I am not sure yet.
Everything goes hand in hand with other and I will let this section flow naturally. I like posting in English so pardon me if this bothers you.
And what do I want you to do? → Correct all of my mistakes, please! I will be really glad for every correction.
Best wishes, Coco.