Troška té angličtiny na téma ZODIAC

17. ledna 2013 v 18:03 | Coco |  Ostatní
Zítra píšeme ze zvěrokruhů na anglické konverzaci, a tak jsem si řekla, že by se takový článek možná někdy někomu hodil :). My používáme ty tučné výrazy ;)

ZODIAC = zvěrokruh

Aries = Skopec, Beran = The Ram
Taurus = Býk = The Bull
Gemini = Blíženci = The Twins
Cancer = Rak = The Crab
Leo = Lev = The Lion
Virgo = Panna = The Maiden
Libra = Váhy = The Scales
Scorpio = Štír = The Scorpion
Sagittarius = Střelec = The Archer (Centaur)
Capricorn = Kozoroh = The Seagoat ("Goat-horned")
Aquarius = Vodnář = The Water-Bearer
Pisces = Ryby = The Fish

Aries: agressive, person who takes troubles, fearless, enthusiastic, fervent to the extreme, egoistic, leader person, with strong emotions...
Taurus: manhood, strenght, stamina, perseverance, potency, outside calm and serene, but sometimes wicked and dangerous, not pertrubed with sudden changes
Gemini: does more than calculating and judging, inquistive, with new and unique ideas, style, elegance...
Cancer: unsophisticated from the side, searching for own oportunity, sensitive, protective, attached to their family
Leo: ruler of the jungle, leader of thems own world, impeccable bravery, superiority, sovereignty, takes command, respect, attention, big hearted, generous, sensitive...
Virgo: shy, introvert, naive, organized, meticulous, systematic, ...
Libra: compares, analyzes to make choice in every situation, apt for giving justice, intelligent, strife, tussle, challenges herself/himslf, tries to achieve anything he/she wants...
Scorpio: shrewd, astute, intensely revengeful, symbol of courage and power, intelligence, power,...
Sagittarius: animal nature, spiritual and pfilosophical craving for the all important truths in her/his life, brave, gets into arguments and fights...
Capricorn: introvert and reserved, pieceful, ambitions, systematic, narcissistic aproach towards life can get, unnerving, restricted...
Aquarius: forward looking, optimistic, thinks only in terms of growing inward and outward possession
Pisces: tendency to get pulled in two oposite directions, openminded towards their work and personal life, technical, spiritual aspects...

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